Preparing Our Youth For the Future

Our mission is to positively impact the lives of young people through intervention, innovation, and empowerment.

Who Are We

Outreach Involvement Center (O.I.C.) is a nonprofit Alternative Education Program implemented to servicing youth who are expelled from school, dropped out or academically failing. Outreach Involvement Center’s a provider of outstanding services for middle and ed for students seeking to complete their coursework in an online environment, students at risk for dropping out, and for students who have left the school system.

Our Core Values

Our following 5 core values are taught through all of our programs, and by example:

  1. Respect
  2. Accountability
  3. Independent
  4. Self-worth
  5. Empowerment

Who Can Enroll?

Once a student has been expelled or dropped out, the student may be referred to the program by their home district, counselor, probation officer or family.  Youth who are on probation and who have aged out of the traditional school setting are also eligible to receive services.  Services are available for students in both general and special education in middle and high school.  We also provide services to students that are academically failing at least 1 grade or who will age out the traditional school by the time of graduation.  

Work Study

Our team actively develops personal relationships with the youth in this program. We assist them in mapping out the best path for their future by keying in on their interest, skills, and strengths. We train the youth on how to dress for professional interviews, how to write resumes and cover letters, and what qualities potential employees are looking for. We also work with different companies to find out what type of training the youth will need for available positions and instruct the youth on how to conduct his or her duties once hired.


" While in school I thought a lot of times to just drop out. I wasn't able to keep up with my work. I decided that by the time I turn 18, if I did not finish with school, I was going to quit. I heard about Outreach Involvement Center and gave it a chance. Now I'm 18 and I am graduating this year! "
Zachary Gill
Student 18'
"My daughter was struggling in school and skipping school often. I am so grateful for the staff at Outreach Involvement Center for helping us. Now my daughter Jalicia has received her high school diploma."

Felicia Cornish

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